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My submission for the Game Dev HQ Community Jam. Unfortunately only had about 8 hours to work on this due to prior commitments. Will post hotfixes for the really terrible bugs. Sounds not yet implemented and you can't die yet but will fix that in a follow hotfix. When all the enemies perish, you've been killed. Traps are scattered in the arena but couldn't finish spike traps in time, these will kill enemies and the player (when it isn't broken. Will fix in future patch.)

+++Controls+++ (Build for Steam VR)

Left thumbstick for smooth locomotion, right thumbstick for snap turns.

Grip buttons to grab weapon.

Walk through the doorway and start swinging.

Available weapons - Fire sword, shield, dual swords. Axe and Broadsword not yet complete.


Chosen (GDHQ Game Jam).zip 150 MB

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